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Kobe Animal Kingdom and Port Liner Set Ticket

Includes admission to the plant and animal encounters park Kobe Animal Kingdom and a round-trip Port Liner fare (two rides).

A great way to visit the Kobe Animal Kingdom on the Port Liner.

* The set ticket price changed on April 1, 2024.





Sales Price Adults: ¥2,200. Regular price: ¥2,780 (¥2,200 Kobe Animal Kingdom Admission + ¥580 fare) 

Silver (Senior Citizens): ¥1,600. Regular price: ¥2,180 (¥1,600 Kobe Animal Kingdom Admission + ¥580 fare)
* The Silver ticket may be used by individuals 65 and older.
Please present age identification (such as a driver’s license) when entering the Kobe Animal Kingdom.

Children: ¥1,200. Regular price: ¥1,480 (¥1,200 Kobe Animal Kingdom Admission + ¥280 fare) 

Young Children:
Young children (4/5 years old, 6 years old before entering elementary school) may ride the Port Liner for free.
There is therefore no set ticket sold for them.
Customers with young children are encouraged to purchase the Kobe Animal Kingdom discount advanced sales ticket available at Family Mart Port Liner Sannomiya (located next to the Port Liner Sannomiya Station Information Office).
Sales Period April 1, 2024 ~ March 31, 2025
Valid period Tickets sold between April and June are valid until July 31.
Tickets sold between July and September are valid until October 31.
Tickets sold between October and December are valid until January 31.
Tickets sold between January and March are valid until April 30.
* Tickets can be used on any day during the validity period (limited to the boarding date only).

Tickets may be used on one day only within the above periods, excluding days that Kobe Animal Kingdom is closed.

Please check Kobe Animal Kingdom’s official website for closing dates.
Valid Sections Between Port Liner Sannomiya Station and Keisan Kagaku Center Station (Section 3)
Between Kobe Airport Station and Boeki Center Station (Section 3)
Sales Locations Port Liner Sannomiya Station Information Office, Kobe Airport Station
Inquiries (日本語) 神戸新交通株式会社 総務部営業推進課 078-302-2503(平日のみ9:00~17:00)
Other (日本語) ※払戻しは、有効期間内かつ未使用(専用封筒、どうぶつ王国入国券、往復乗車券)で当社発売分に限り、発売窓口でお取り扱いいたします。(払戻し手数料210円)
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